With the UK now in the delay phase of its response to the Covid-19 outbreak and the World Health
Organisation declaring Coronavirus as a pandemic, Binswood Media – the organisers of ITT Hub –
has taken the difficult decision to postpone the launch event that was due to take place at
Farnborough International Conference & Exhibition Centre on the 13 and 14 May 2020.
This decision has not been taken lightly but has been made in the best interests of exhibitors, visitors
and staff, and is fully supported by ITT Hub’s commercial and event partners. The wellbeing and safety
of all stakeholders is, and will always remain, an absolute priority. Binswood Media and its strategic
partner FTA, together with its host venue Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre,
remain fully committed to the ITT Hub concept, which is set to change the face of transport events.
The decision to postpone has been taken as early as possible in response to requests from partners
and major exhibitors, whose evolving emergency measures to deal with the Covid-19 threat will
preclude them from attending. Making the announcement at this stage will also enable stakeholders
to avoid incurring additional costs in preparation for the show.
ITT Hub, along with the co-located FTA Future Logistics Conference, has been rescheduled to take
place 12th & 13th May 2021 and further information about the event will be made available at in due course. On-going news and insight into innovation and technology in roadbased transport in the UK and Ireland will also continue to be available through .
Commenting on the announcement, CEO of Binswood Media Mark Griffin said, “The decision to
postpone the first edition of ITT Hub is one that has been made with great reluctance and a heavy
heart. However, we are operating in exceptional and fast-moving circumstances and I have been in
active dialogue with many of our key stakeholders in recent days. They firmly share my belief that it is
in the best interests of all concerned to take decisive action now, so that everyone can plan
accordingly, as well as focus on immediate priorities.

ITT Hub 2020 Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre 13 & 14th May 2020.
Visit for full details. Organised by Binswood Media Limited.
“In considering the options regarding the rescheduling of the event, we have looked at a number of
factors such as likely length of Coronavirus-related impact, venue availability, the industry calendar
and the seasonal dimension with it being both an outdoor and indoor event. We have concluded that
putting ITT Hub back a full year to the dates already announced for the 2021 event is the best solution.”
He added, “By taking this approach in, what are, truly exceptional circumstances and with the
continued positivity, support and commitment that has shaped our journey so far, we put ourselves
in the best position possible to deliver the inaugural, forward thinking ITT Hub in 2021 which our
industry can be proud of.”