Q & A – Locks 4 Vans answers your security queries

Q & A - Locks4vans answers your security queries

Locks 4 Vans was established in 2003 and has rapidly grown to become the largest automotive supplementary locking company in the UK

Q. My vans already have locks fitted as standard. Why do I need extra ones?

A. Statistically a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. Vans are being targeted by theft criminals gaining entry to the manufacturer’s locking system, so making sure that your possessions are secured at all times is a concern for every van owner. Adding extra security locks to your vehicle is an extra deterrent against theft.

Q. What sort of products do you offer and how much do they cost?

A. We supply a different range of locks that are vehicle & door specific as most vehicles have their own unique vulnerability. Our core products are thatcham accredited and cost £150.00 excluding VAT for an installation.

Making sure that your possessions are secured at all times is a concern for every van owner

Q. Will you come to my premises to fit your products or do I have to come to you?

A. All Locks 4 Vans products are fully supported throughout the UK and Southern Ireland. We have a network of installers that offer a nationwide installation service.

Q. I’ve only got one van. Do you cater for small guys like me or just for the big fleet boys?

A. Locks 4 Vans can cater for a one-man band with their own personal vehicle up to large fleets of vehicles.

Q. What kind of aftersales support do you offer?

A. Locks 4 vans products are thatcham accredited and come with a three-year warranty and are fully supported throughout the UK and Southern Ireland. We have a dedicated customer service and technical department who are happy to help and give any necessary support when needed and to make sure our customers are satisfied with their products.

Q. What kind of thefts are most common with vans – thefts of cargo or theft of the vehicles themselves?

A. Although there is a problem of theft of the vehicles, theft of the cargo load area is a much greater problem. Locks 4 Vans provides solutions for both types of attacks.

Q. Is the problem getting worse and do you offer solutions for both types of theft?

A. In the last 16 years of trading we have unfortunately seen a rise of the amount of attacks carried out with these types of attack methods becoming a lot more aggressive. Locks 4 Vans can provide products to help stop the vehicle from being stolen and to protect the cargo.

Q. Can you give me some general tips for keeping my vehicles safe from thieves apart from the locking solutions?

A. With tool theft on the rise, securing your vehicle with locks is a top priority but there are other considerations to think about when it comes to securing your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is always locked when unattended and think about where you park – preferably in lit up areas or if your van is parked at home to invest in CCTV.


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