At Trade Van Driver ‘We say get one’-Halo Drive Dash Cam

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Fast becoming a commercial driver’s essential aid, the dashcam market has an awful lot of choice at the moment. Amongst a sea of great names sits a brand that will be familiar to many – and that is Road Angel.

The Nottinghamshire firm offers a wide range of dashcams and safety systems, but the Halo Drive camera seems to be one of its most popular lines, boasting a wide variety of features at a very sensible price point.

Using the very latest 2K 1440P (78% higher than 1080p) camera, the Halo Drive offers distortion-free videos and images with a new standard of quality, reliability and personalisation options, making it particularly easy to operate. Unobtrusive while driving, its rotatable lens and discrete wiring means you can capture remarkable full 2K HD footage. Better still, because you can connect to your mobile phone through the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi, you can also watch a real-time video preview on your Smartphone and even download it if an accident happens. Should make any insurance claim against the infamous ‘brake checkers’ a mere formality! The phone-linked system is a real boon to professional drivers as it means that there’s no distracting screen to take your eye off the road while driving.

With the HALO Smartphone App that’s available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store, you can connect via Wi-Fi to the camera itself. It’s packed with great features and camera settings, allowing you to make all of your dashcam adjustments on your phone.

Either in the event of an accident (or if you just want to keep a recording of your journey to show your driving skills) you can select the exact time you want to download, trim and edit the clip and then save to your phone. You can even export the saved footage to social media from within the HALO App, should you wish to show your friend, client or employer either your amazing skills – or catastrophic moment. Either way, the Halo Drive is able to tell the entire story for you in cinematic quality.

You can even take still images and photos when viewing the Live Preview and save them to the HALO App. If you’re a dab hand at Instagram or Twitter, can then edit the photos right from within the HALO App with 17 image filters before saving to your phone or social media! Safe to say, they’ve thought of everything with this one!

Amazingly, the Halo Drive even offers protection when parked, constantly monitoring when the vehicle is parked up for a tacho or fuel break – or even completely unattended. With the in-built parking mode, after 15 minutes of inactivity the Halo DRIVE will automatically enter Parking Mode in time-lapse. If the onboard G-Sensor detects an event or movement the Halo DRIVE will resume normal recording.

Commercial drivers have to work all hours, meaning that night driving is simply just another shift. Thankfully, with its cutting edge lens technology, capturing high-quality footage at night is no problem for the Road Angel HALO DRIVE. Accidents can happen at any time, so make sure that any footage you’re capturing is going to be of useable, high-quality. Able to work in the lowest of light conditions, the Halo Drive camera will capture everything you need to stay safe – and claim free!

Priced at £149.99 the Halo Drive could pay for itself very quickly indeed. Failing that, of course, it could make you a social media sensation…