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Mark Jackson, proprietor of M J Products, maker of this ingenious loading device, talks to Trade Van Driver about how it can help readers with their daily tasks

Q. Give us a brief description of what services you provide for trade van drivers like me.

A. M J Products Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of portable handling solutions for a range of industries, and more recently, specifically for van and truck drivers. VanMate is a portable and configurable handling solution that can lift up to 250kg in and out of vans. Once goods are loaded, the equipment is stored on the back of the Van door to enable remote delivery/collection.

VanMate eliminates the need for tail lifts, cranes and other permanently mounted installations by providing a truly portable handling system that can deliver goods right into the customers premises without the need for additional equipment. The unique modular design fits an array of attachments and trolley options. When combined with the VanMate Slider, it allows loading of heavy goods fully into the van, up to the bulkhead.

At Euro Car Parts, the UK’s largest independent car parts distributor, VanMate has proven to be the optimum solution for delivery of heavy goods to customers.

Richard Stanyard, head of operations development at Euro Car Parts, said: “Daily deliveries of oil drums, Adblue bulk drums, reconditioned engines and gearboxes are seamless using VanMate, replacing three separate pieces of equipment used previously. Further, where a larger Boxer van was previously used for oil deliveries, this equipment allows us to employ the smaller and more efficient Partner and Connect vans due to VanMate’s portability and light weight.”

Q. You showcased VanMate at the CV Show last year and you are in attendance this year. What exactly is Van Mate and how can it help me?

A. The 2019 CV Show was our official launch for VanMate and VanMate Slider, where we demonstrated loading and unloading of oil and Ad-blue drums, small pallets and various plastic containers into a van.

We are back at the CV Show this year (April 28-30) and will be demonstrating a range of new accessories for handling gas bottles, lorry wheels, commercial batteries and larger goods such as washing machines and fridge freezers.

We will also be launching our new ‘VanMateToo’, which is even lighter and lifts higher to 1200mm to allow loading and unloading lorries. This is currently on trial with a major white goods distributor for safe home delivery of washing machines, fridge freezers, range cookers and similar items.

Q. It sounds like a pretty handy thing to have but I’m a bit strapped for cash. Will it cost much?

A. VanMate kits start from £749 for one complete handling configuration and additional attachments can be added later starting at £39 each. VanMate Slider, which can be used independently of VanMate, starts from £39. The investment is a fraction of the cost of a tail lift or crane, and you don’t have to install one in every van. When you’re not using it, simply hang it safely on a wall with our wall mounting accessories.

Q. What kind of aftersales back-up do you offer?

A. Every VanMate is supplied to relevant CE and Loler standards and is supplied with 12-month warranty. All products are manufactured at our factory here in the UK, where we offer full aftersales support and ongoing development of new attachments and features for an increasing customer base.

Look online at or for other products go to Get in touch at: or by calling 01530 231311. And if you are at the CV Show from April 28-30, come along for a quick demonstration of the true versatility of VanMate and our range of other products using our patented duopump fast lift technology. And if you have a lifting and handling application that’s a little bit different, get in touch.